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Double-Decker Necklace and Accessory Holders

Store and display your necklaces and bracelets without using up all your wall space with our double-decker jewelry holder!

Pegs on lower oval are set back so they don't interfere with necklaces hanging from upper tier. 24 Pegs: 15 pegs on upper tier and 9 pegs on lower tier.

Strong, durable construction, so you won't have to worry about the pegs falling out.

Easy to Install:  Brass hangers attach easily to the wall using the two nails included with your order. We also include screws and hollow wall anchors for attaching more securely to wallboard. Or you can use almost any other type of nail or screw.

Double-Decker Necklace Holder

Overall Dimensions:   15" wide x 14-1/2" tall Pegs protrude about 1-1/2"

    Top oval: width: 11-3/4" (incl. pegs:  15")
depth:  4-3/8" (incl. pegs:  6")
    Lower oval: width:  7-3/4"(incl. pegs:  10-7/8")
depth:  3" (incl. pegs:  4-1/2")

This double-decker necklace holder is a great way to decorate your wall, save space and keep your necklaces from tangling.
"Just wanted to let you know that the necklace holder was received and made an excellent gift! Thank you so much for adding to the holiday."
--Thomas, Edgewater, Maryland
Solid oak. Available in clear, medium brown, black, and white.
We also have double-deckers made from Cherry, African Mahogany, Walnut and Maple. All have a clear finish. Cherry and African mahogany have a reddish tint.  Cherry will darken with exposure to light, but is naturally much lighter than the very dark brown or red finish manufacturers often refer to as cherry. African mahogany is similar in color and also darkens with exposure to light. Walnut is naturally a dark brown. Maple is lighter than oak, with a slight yellow tint from the antique oil finish.

The shipping charges below are based on orders of a single unit. If you order more than one holder to be mailed to the same address, the shopping cart will calculate the appropriate cost based on our shipping schedule. The units are shipped assembled. However, if we ship a double-decker overseas, or you require more than one double-decker to be shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail or UPS, we may ship the units disassembled to minimize damage and shipping costs. Approximate assembly time is two minutes and requires an ordinary Phillips head screwdriver. For deliveries in the United States, we may offer you shipping via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery (4 business days) if you would prefer the units shipped assembled (additional charges may apply).

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Oak Double-Decker Necklace Holder Click on links for close-ups of finishes on oak:
Clear     Medium Brown     White
Oak, finished

Maple Double-Decker Necklace Holder Maple
with maple pegs
African Mahogany Double-Decker Necklace Holder African Mahogany
with cherry pegs

Cherry Double-Decker Necklace Holder Cherry
with cherry pegs
Maple Double-Decker Necklace Holder Walnut
with walnut pegs

Update April 2023: We are out of earring racks and necklace holders. We would like to continue making them, but we are not sure if or when we will ever be able to make more. Sorry.
Double-Decker Holders
Double-Decker Holder with 24 Pegs
Oak Double-Decker Necklace Holder
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  Oak, African Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, or Walnut -
$41  ($8.50 shipping)
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